Mars or Die!


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Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Works on: Windows
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish
Released on: July 13, 2018
Size: 4 GB
Developer: 34BigThings
Publisher: 34BigThings
DRM: Activate on Steam


Control two characters simultaneously! Survive, gather, collect upgrades, fight all sizes of one-eyed Martians, build defensible outposts and conquer Mars, in this glorious mix between roguelite and tower defense.
Base Building – Our Explorers hold all the necessary blueprints for efficient on-site mining operations and base building including Automatic Extractors, O2 Generators, Armories, Single-Barrel and Double-Barrel Automatic Defence Turrets, and the most important of them all, our Glorious Flag!

A Campaign to Remember – The Masterful Invasion Plan we envisioned is divided in 9 Missions. Our conquest will be swift, sure, and certain! But, in case the pitiful Martians manage to put up a fight due to their sheer number, we are also prepared to entrench and endure an Endless warfare.

It will be glorious! Mars, or Die!


– Features

An entire planet at your disposal to conquer!
Gather -> Build -> Explore -> Fight -> Upgrade: None of these steps is easy!
Excel with primary and secondary objectives in 9 missions
Try your best strategy against the Endless mode
Switch between two characters for some fast dual stick action
Upgrade every structure, character or support feature to last even longer!


– Details

Single Player
Full Controller Support


– System Requirements

Platform Requires a Steam account
OS Windows 7
Processor i3 2.6Ghz
Memory 4 GB RAM
Graphics GTX 560 or equivalent
Note DirectX Version 11